We're Making Major Changes to Our Site and Putting Our Studios Program on Hiatus

Over the last several weeks, we've been rolling out some major changes to xanadugallery.com. We're working to make the site more dynamic and engaging, and easier to use. We want art collectors to have a great experience on our site, and we want to make it easy for them to acquire artwork that will beautify their homes and enrich their lives.


Our studios program has been an important part of our outreach to collectors. This program has allowed us to offer artwork that collectors couldn't see in our gallery, and to show the work of artists from around the world in our online gallery.


Unfortunately, the program suffered from it's own success. As Xanadu Studios began generating sales, we experienced a flood of artist uploads, and soon had thousands of artists showing their work on the site. Because of the volume of art now being shown on the site it became difficult for potential buyers to navigate the art, and it also became difficult for individual artists to get attention.


We continue to feel that there is a great opportunity to expand our reach online by offering a variety of artists work, but at present we are going to put the studios program on pause while we continue to rebuild our whole site from the ground up.


We will continue to offer artists an opportunity to sell their work to our collectors through Xanadu Art Catalogue, and we are actively working to offer additional avenues for artists to showcase their work through our website.


We will keep you posted as Studios evolves into its next stage.

Jason Horejs, Owner, Xanadu Gallery