April M. Rimpo

Aglow by April M. Rimpo



by April M. Rimpo

14" x 11"

Acrylic on Paper Varnished & Framed




When sitting in a park a woman appeared in the distance carrying a parasol to block the bright sun. As she passed in and out of shaded spots the umbrella would light up like a spotlight. She was wearing light colors and her hair was blond so she appeared to almost glow against the backdrop of the park. With my camera at the ready I started taking photographs as she walked in hopes of catching a moment when she was lit up by the sun. I wanted to feature the stark contrast between the glowing woman and the dark textured foliage and fence rails that she passed. After much time determining the design and color scheme my painting, Aglow, was the result. Painting arrives in a 19" X 15" brushed silver frame with a white mat. The painting is 14" X 10".


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