James C. Ritchie

1935 Chrysler Airflow by James C. Ritchie


1935 Chrysler Airflow

by James C. Ritchie

16" x 24"

Photograph on Aluminum




Edition 1 of 9

1935 Chrysler Airflow

Produced from 1934-1937, the Chrysler and DeSoto Airflow was the first full-size American production car to use streamlining in its design.

Noting that most cars of the day were boxy and terribly ineficient, Chrysler engineers set out to design a car with reduced drag, increased power-to-drag ratio, and a strengthened body. As early as 1930 Chrysler enlisted Orville Wright to help conduct wind tunnel tests to develop an aerodynamic automotive design.

Unortunately, this innovative effort was far too advanced for consumer tastes of the time, and sales were disasterous. To compensate, the company revised the styling to more traditionally accepted designs in subsequent years. It wasn't until 1955 that Chrysler dared once again to break new ground with Virgil Exner's "Forward Look."

All told, about 55,000 Chrysler and Desoto Airflows were produced.


Aluminum prints are backed with a 2mm black styrene substrate and mounted on a black metal inset frame which floats the image 3/4" off the wall. The edges of the prints have a smooth, burnished black finish for a cohesive look. The result is a smart, attractive, and durable print complimentary to any decor.

Because these are produced as they are ordered, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Orders are processed as quickly as possible, and usually arrive sooner.

This edition is limited to 9 in each of four size options.
The numbers below are what remain in each edition:

Edition   Size        Price    
   9        16x24    $ 900.00         
   9        20x30    $1,500.00       
   9        24x36    $2,250.00
   9        Larger size options:     
             30x45    $3,500.00
             40x60    $6,000.00

   36 Total Aluminum Edition


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