April M. Rimpo

Lower Falls by April M. Rimpo


Lower Falls

by April M. Rimpo

45" x 45"

Acrylic on Paper Varnished & Framed




Yellowstone National park in Lower Falls. One of Rimpo's large format paintings at 45" X 45" in a 49" X 49" frame. I poured the acrylic paint to get it started then came in with a brush for finishing work. By reducing the amount of time a brush touches the paper, the amount of glow when the light bounces off the paper is really enhanced. I loved how the yellow in Yellowstone National Park really pops on the light side of the canyon but becomes subdued with blue and burnt sienna tones on the shadowed side. The river too goes from nearly white where it reflects the light on the bright side to deep blues and purples in the shade. It is like there are two worlds hidden in one. The deep canyon lets us see both of these worlds at once.


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