April M. Rimpo

Struggles in the Southwest by April M. Rimpo


Struggles in the Southwest

by April M. Rimpo

24" x 34"

Acrylic on Paper gallery wrapped & varnished




Struggles in the Southwest was inspired by a trip to Mission Tumacácori in Arizona. I studied ancient cultures in college and have always found learning about cultures from the past as fascinating as modern life. I felt the grave yard at the mission epitomized the difficult times in 1691 when Father Kino established the mission at an O’odham village. I used a similar approach pouring a few layers of fluid acrylic, then using a brush to strengthen the colors and texture in the crosses, which for me signified the strength of conviction of the missionaries and the American Indians who worked at the mission. The rocks and sparse twigs and grass suggest the difficult times and the desolate environment in which they lived. The theme of my work is to explore cultures through color, allowing me to share a bit about the present and the past. This painting was included in North Light Publications' Best of Acrylic book, AcrylicWorks3: Celebrating Textures. Gallery Wrapped painting where the image is painted around the edge.


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