April M. Rimpo

Fiddle Away by April M. Rimpo


Fiddle Away

by April M. Rimpo

24" x 24"




Although I no longer play an instrument, when I was in my early teens my brother and I were very interested in music; the Beatles probably had the impact on all teens in those days. He got a guitar and I won one on the boardwalk in Atlantic City when I was 12 years old. A few years later we played together with a few neighbor kids, until my brother was embarrassed to have his "little sister" tagging along with him. His interest in playing music has lasted and he now owns many guitars plus I think a banjo and mandolin; I am actually not sure about the full inventory of instruments he owns. My musical interests turned more to singing, which I did in a madrigal chorus in high school and in a band with my husband in my late twenties. We always performed with friends for fun, not professionally. When visiting an old mansion-turned-art-gallery, I saw a woman being interviewed about her music. Her instruments (the guitar, banjo, and violin case) were sitting in the hallway (giving me an opportunity to photograph them from a variety of angles.) She was using the violin during the interview. She and her instruments brought back great memories of being with my brother playing, listening, and enjoying music in our early teens. Fiddle Away is my tribute to that woman and all the musicians around the world who bring joy with their talents. Image: 24"x24" Framed with Mat 31"x31"


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