David Copson

Origin of Form #2 by David Copson


Origin of Form #2

by David Copson

48" x 36"

Mixed Media on Canvas




The world we know is built on triangles, mathematically speaking. To determine how space sculpts itself, physicists describe its shape using triangles and their higher-dimensional analogues. A triangle is 2 dimensional and is the simplest shape that can be made in 2 dimensions. Then there is a tetrahedron, the 3 dimensional form of a triangle with 4 triangular sides. Can you see that this is the most basic form possible in our world of 3 physical dimensions? Add anything and it becomes more complex. Take away anything and it collapses into 2 dimensions. I like to paint tetrahedrons even if they are just painted on the 2 dimensional surface of the canvas. That’s what scientists do too – as they postulate multidimensional realities of spacetime with projected representations in 2 dimensional drawings. A four dimensional world is based on a pentachoron, the 4 dimensional analogue of at the triangle. And on up into more complex dimensions. It all works mathematically but we’ll never concretely experience those because our senses work only in our 3-D world.


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