James C. Ritchie

Cloud Factory No. 2 by James C. Ritchie


Cloud Factory No. 2

by James C. Ritchie

24" x 16"

Photograph on Aluminum




Edition 2 of 9

About every 15-20 minutes, coke from the massive blast furnaces at Great Lakes Steel on Zug Island in Detroit is cooled with water in this "quencher."

Charles Sheeler's iconic 1927 photo "Criss-Crossed Conveyors" at Ford Motor Company's Dearborn Rouge Steel complex, and his 1940 Power series of paintings for Fortune Magazine captivated me. So much so that, since I live near Dearborn, I began investigating and photographing Rouge (now AK) Steel. Other heavy industrial sites in the Detroit area - Great Lakes Steel on Zug Island in particular - have also become favorite haunts day and night.


Aluminum prints are backed with a 2mm black styrene substrate and mounted on a black metal inset frame which floats the image 3/4" off the wall. The edges of the prints have a smooth, burnished black finish for a cohesive look. The result is a smart, attractive, and durable print complimentary to any decor.

Because these are produced as they are ordered, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Orders are processed as quickly as possible, and usually arrive sooner.

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This edition is limited to 9 in each of four size options.
The numbers shown below are what remain in each edition:

Edition   Size        Price    
   8        16x24    $ 900.00         
   9        20x30    $1,500.00       
   9        24x36    $2,250.00
   9        Larger size options:     
             30x45    $3,500.00
             40x60    $6,000.00

   36 Total Edition


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