Linda Snouffer uses nature for both inspiration and source of materials in her botanical printmaking. She expresses light seen in the world through ink washes on background surfaces and builds intricately detailed landscapes of prairies, shorelines, forests, and mountain ranges utilizing the actual plants for the print structure.

Leaf prints are far more than simple impressions; they are dynamic components transformed into new identities:  banana leaves transition to a distant hillside, grass blades and tassels turn into a prairie flowing in a soft breeze, flower stalks become strong aspen trunks. 

Snouffer works on a variety of surfaces, such as canvas, papers, artist boards, and muslin.  Presently, pigment infused tissue paper and organza are favored.  Using surface design techniques, a background of colors representing sky, horizon, and foreground is built, then the inked plant material is laid for printing.  Printed organza is often fused to printed tissue paper, for a layered appearance that is almost hologram-like.

Multiple layers of ink-infused canvas, tissue paper, organza, and other fabrics create dimension and give viewers a desire to touch.

Her work begins with the foundation of sky – the sky brings it all to life and provides depth and dimension to my work. No two skies are alike and with the botanical prints, and Snouffer states "I am realizing my unique vision."

Several her pieces have merited honors; early in 2017, she received a 4th place printmaking award. A jurist observed that he had never seen printing quite like these botanical prints; remarking that Snouffer had developed unique printmaking techniques unlike any he had seen in his 35+ year career.


Other accolades include 2nd Place for Emerging Artists by the Paramount Center for the Arts Statewide Juried Exhibition (October 2016).


Her work has been exhibited and sold in numerous Twin Cities galleries, art events, and retail shops,  and was awarded commissions include works for the Ramsey County Library, Women's Foundation of Minnesota, and several Metro Area art collectors.

In addition to making art, she is in the business of art, serving as an exhibit installation assistant in several Twin Cities galleries, and is a part of the program administration for the St. Paul Art Crawl and Tangletown Art Crawl.

Snouffer completed a two-year mentorship program with WARM (Women's Art Resources of Minnesota) in 2016 and continues to consult with a mentor.

Every piece posted on the Xanadu Gallery site is a signed original botanical print; some limited reproductions are available through the artist.