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Testimonial: "Love your newsletter - always juicy and visually uplifting!!!" - Liz Henzey

Painting Class Testimonial: "My work has been traditionally transparent watercolor or oil, but seldom mixed media. After your workshop and a painting trip to Cuba, I was inspired (by your workshop) to break out and work in acrylic & watercolor to capture some impressions of Habana. My work ... is included in the MFA American Landscapes show. Your technique worked perfectly in trying to capture the crumbling effects of time and nature on the architecture, and the stenciled effects used as a metaphor to express the "fenced-in" lack of freedom of the individual. So, thank you for that experience. As a life long art educator, I know it's nice to know how far your influence can extend."- Gail B. White

Artwork Testimonial: "I have always loved your work (which is why we have 3 pieces hanging in our wine lounge. Looks like things are going really well and I am so happy for you. Continued success." - Linda Cunha

Business Class Testimonial: "April, thank you so much for sharing all of your valuable information with us! I’ve enjoyed taking the two classes from you."  Arlene Mindus

Creative ART Coaching with April M Rimpo & Elaine Weiner-Reed Testimonial: "Thank you both for your great generosity of knowledge and kindness and encouragement ...and preparation and information ...Still catching my breath from the great session ...” Brenda K.  

    Artist's Statement    

Sometimes I think that I don’t select my subject matter, it selects me. This might explain why you will see landscapes, urban scenes, or paintings of people doing everyday things. I’ve always loved learning about other cultures and places, so in my artwork I strive to show bits of life that grabbed my attention and made me feel I just had to tell the story.

You will see common themes in my paintings, but I seldom develop a series sequentially.  For example, some are scenes of urban life, which tend to be detail, while others are more emotional, such as scenes with people. By oscillating between detailed and emotion the right and left side of my brain get exercised which keeps me happy.

Watercolor and Fluid Acrylics have allowed me to become more interpretive and semi-abstractract letting the story and emotion of a scene be the focus of my art.  I hope you are drawn into the story. One exhibit visitor told me she thought my artwork was very happy and that she felt drawn into it in a way that a photograph could not accomplish.

I feel a piece is successful when the mood and story shines through. Real success comes, however, when others tell me the story they see in the painting. Often their story is quite different than mine, but it doesn't matter! I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction for having been able to evoke a memory or an emotion in you. What more could I ask for as an artist?

I live and create in the Baltimore/Washington area.