I've always been intrigued with nature's high drama...crashing waves against a rocky coast, a display of colored leaves in the fall, and especially, the many shapes and colors of flowers and leaves. 

My paintings of large-scale florals, gardens, and landscapes all reflect my fascination with the lush images provided by the natural bounty in the Pacific Northwest.  Rivers glimpsed through trees, mountains, forests, gardens and koi ponds are all painted with an emphasis on bursts of color flowing across the composition.  Recently, I've become fascinated with creating fantasy panoramas, combining several scenes in Oregon.

I received my B.A. in painting from the University of Washington in 1960 and have been painting and exhibiting in Northwest galleries since then.

My mediums have included oils, watercolors, acrylics and mixed media pieces with wood carvings.  My painting techniques have changed and evolved over the years and for the past few years I have been painting with slow-drying, transparent acrylic paints.  This medium has allowed me to use both my watercolor and oil painting experiences to build up the paint with several layers to give me vibrant colors.  I would describe my style as graphic impressionism.

Since I prefer painting large canvases, much of my work is collected by corporations and institutions for board rooms and lobbies.  My paintings are in numerous private and public collections including Nike, Reser's Fine Foods, Boise Cascade, Tektronix, Inc, several financial institutions and many hospitals.

I have recently started painting smaller works and am enjoying the flexibiltiy and challenges the new formats give me.