Nancy has been painting for over two decades.  She studied at the University of Guelph and Sheridan College in Ontario.  Her time at Sheridan improved her technical skills and increased her interest in drawing the human form.  Nancy includes people in many of her paintings and continues to do life drawing and sketching of nudes regularly.
Nancy moved from Ontario to Victoria in February 2007 and has found the West coast scenery and the Fairfield area to be very inspiring.  Since moving here, she has been concentrating on painting with acrylic on canvas and wood.  Nancy recently returned to Ontario to spend the summers in Bayfield Ontario.


"My work is easily accessible and my purpose is not complicated.  I paint things that evoke emotions in myself and hopefully the viewer.  I like to  paint memorable locations and familiar scenes of everyday life."


Nancy's style is evolving into simpler forms with bold colour and contrast.  Her work  often depicts local scenes and memories of Victoria, Ontario, Seattle, Maui, and Tofino.


Her work is displayed in Government offices, on the cover of a novel and in public collections internationally.