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Join Xanadu Gallery’s Virtual Book Club

I have always been fascinated by the lives of the great artists, and I am going to admit that this fascination can sometimes border on an obsession. My bookcase contains the biographies of many of my favorite artists, and you will usually find an artist’s biography on my bedside table.  Understanding an artist’s background gives me a better understanding and appreciation of their art, and art history is one of my favorite topics of discussion. I would like to invite you to join me in my obsession by signing up for Xanadu Gallery’s new Virtual Book Club. The book club will give members an opportunity to learn about artists in depth and discuss the artists' backgrounds, influences and lives with other art-lovers Participation is simple, and completely free. Sign up by following the steps below. Our first book for discussion is Andrew Graham-Dixon’s new book, Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane.  I recently picked up a copy of the book and I have had a hard time putting it down. Graham-Dixon’s writing style is fast-paced and informative as he takes a fresh look at this artist whose work marked a turning point in Renaissance art. Critical acclaim for the book:
[Andrew Graham-Dixon is] The most gifted art critic of his generation. (Robert Hughes )

Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane reads like a historical-swashbuckler-cum-detective-story while also providing an up-to-date introduction to some of the most admired paintings in Western art.
(Michael Dirda - Washington Post )

Graham-Dixon combed the criminal records of the era to glean extraordinary details about the artist’s run-ins with the law. He skillfully evokes the social and religious context of turn-of-the-17th-century Italy. (Ann Levin - Associated Press )

Step #1 – Sign up for the book club meeting.  Registration is completely free, and there is no commitment of any kind.

Register Now
By signing up for the meeting you will be registered in the club and will receive updates and discussion topics. The online book club meeting is Tuesday, November 29th at 4:00 p.m. Pacific (don’t worry I will send out reminders with the start time for the meeting in your time-zone as the meeting gets closer).

Step #2 – Order the book:

You’ll want to order the book as soon as possible so that you have enough time to complete the reading before the club meeting.

Step #3 – Start reading.

I have allowed enough time for you to order and receive the book and still have about six weeks to complete your reading. If you dedicate yourself to read about 10 pages a day you will finish the book right in time for the book club.

Step#4 (Optional) Send me a photo.

Send me a photo of you holding the book which we will share with the club – this way you can feel like you get to know other members of the club by more than just their login names. Email the photo to me at

Step #5 – Join in the conversation on our blog.

Share your thoughts and impressions of the book in the comments section at the bottom of the Book Club page at:

Step #6 – Join the group on your computer for the virtual book club meeting (bring your own refreshments!)

You will receive login instructions prior to the meeting. During the discussion you will have an opportunity to voice your impressions and discoveries (or just sit back and listen if you prefer). I will casually moderate the discussion and look forward to letting you do most of the talking. We will discuss:
  • The historical setting into which Caravaggio was born -
  • His early life and apprenticeship
  • Murder (Caravaggio is thought to have killed, along with other crimes)
  • His temperament
  • His art
  • His impact on his culture and on history
  • Much more.
I hope you will join me as we enrich our understanding of art history and great artists together! Have a suggestion for a book or subject for a future club meeting? Email me at Jason J. Jason Horejs Owner Xanadu Gallery
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  1. Deborah Kepes
  2. Evelyn Markasky
  3. Diane Reardon
  4. Pat deRobertis
  5. Germaine Trenary
  6. Marianne Post
  7. Joyce Wycoff
  8. Lorraine McFarland
  10. Scarlett Decker
  11. Martha Putnam
  12. Mary Manning
  13. Teri
  14. Judy Mackey
  15. Pat Paxson
  16. Elizabeth Weber
  17. Pat Paxson
  19. Cindy Milazzo
  20. Evadne (Eve) Maller
  21. Cody DeLong
  22. Cindy Milazzo
  23. Scarlett Decker
  24. Lori LaBerge
  25. Cindy Milazzo
  26. Cindy Milazzo

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