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Debate: Should an Artist Create all of Their Own Work?

Artist David Hockney recently took a swipe at Damien Hirst:

A small note on the posters for David Hockney‘s forthcoming exhibition at the Royal Academy contains a sly dig at another superstar artist about to launch a major exhibition. The note reads: “All the works here were made by the artist himself, personally.”

Read about the artist’s competing shows in the Guardian’s recent article. The Guardian is also running an informal poll (be sure and vote) to discover the general populace’s opinion on the matter.

When I voted it looked like 86% of readers agreed with Hockney. While I am not a huge Hirst fan, I have to say his use of apprentices and other artisans to execute his work doesn’t really bother me. There are many art forms where this is the case – any sculptor who has his/her work cast has a whole team of people handling the technical details of the casting, everything from the mold to the patina. Chihuly has long worked using a studio method where he conceptualizes the idea and has his team actually create the piece.

As long as the artist creates an original concept, I don’t feel they have to physically handle every detail of bringing the work to completion. What do you think?


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