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[Update: Call Now Closed] Call For Art – Client Seeking Sculpture for Niche


We are working with a client in Scottsdale who is seeking a sculpture for his entry niche. He has expressed a specific interest in contemporary figurative sculpture, but may entertain other options. The niche measures 57″ high and about 36″ wide at the base. We need something vertical.

The client has budgeted up to $5,000 for the piece. Please keep in mind that this is the retail amount – after the gallery commission proceeds to the artist would be $3,000. Also, this must be an existing, available sculpture – our timeline does not allow for casting or creation of the piece.

If you have a piece that might be a candidate for the space please email me an image directly: Please keep in mind that the client will be making a selection from the image, so background and image quality are important. Image file should be no more than 6 MB – larger files may be rejected by our email server.

Please include in the body of your email:

Title, Dimensions (h,w,d), Material, and retail price.

If you don’t have an appropriate piece but know someone who might, please pass this request along.

We are on a tight deadline for this project – all images should be received no later than 4/26/12.

If you wish to receive future calls and updates from Xanadu Gallery, please sign up for our mailing list at:

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  1. Betsy Evans-Banks
  2. Polly Branch
  3. Moana Ponder
  4. Hal Stewart
  5. ms kalpana dewan
  7. Jonas Gerard
  8. Robin M. Cohen
  9. Maggie Carle
  10. arlene rush
  11. Todd Burton
  12. Rita Dianni-Kaleel
  13. Kimberly Vanlandingham
  14. Rita Dianni-Kaleel
  15. Thomas Zahn
  16. Perry Wm. Carsley
  17. Suzanne Wallace Mears
  18. Carl Wright
  19. sharon and patrick sullivan
  20. David K Wright
  21. David K Wright
  22. Richard Warrington
  23. Sheila Grubb
  24. Maidy Morhous
  25. Tommy Urbans
  26. Donna Mason Adams
  27. Laurenn
  28. Jason Millward
  29. Linda Broughton
  30. Karina Furhman
  31. Laurie Smith
  32. Joseph Bennett
  33. Arthur Morehead
  34. douglas wynn
  35. Nancy Steinson
  36. Nancy Steinson
  37. Charles Fach
  38. Jamillah Jennings
  39. Burneta
  40. Gullwing
  41. Wyatt Gragg
  42. Connie Geerts
  43. Betti Franceschi
  44. Steven Shapiro

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