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One day art marketing workshop
Have you always dreamed of creating your art full-time? Are you selling your work and tasting success, knowing that others appreciate what you have created? Are you ready to take your art career to the next level and start selling your work in galleries?
You are invited to be part of a select group of artists to participate in an exclusive marketing seminar that will put

you on the path of reaching your goal to become a professional, full-time artist. This unique seminar will give you marketing insights of a Scottsdale gallery owner.

This is a great opportunity for you to see the gallery business from the inside, understand how gallery owners select their artists and ask every question you've ever had about the gallery business.

In this day-long, intensive workshop you and a select group of area artists will have an opportunity to ask questions about the art business in general, and your work in particular and what approach you should take to move your career forward.

If you feel your dream to pursue your profession as an artist has stalled this is your chance to jump-start your career.

The workshop is designed specifically to help sculptors, painters, fine-art photographers, fine-art jewelers and fiber artists.

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 In this exciting one-day class, you will learn:
Seminar Includes
How to create a consistent  body of  gallery-ready work

Pre-seminar primer to help you come prepared
What you should do to present your work in a manner that will appeal to galleries
Seminar Kit
How to price your work
Marketing resources
How to  organize your work and track your inventory

How to best allocate your  marketing efforts and dollars with an eye toward getting into galleries

How to build your resume
How to pick the best markets for your work and how to find the galleries in those markets that would best suit your work

How to confidently approach galleries and what to say when you meet the director or owner.

And much more!

Understand how to succeed in the art business from the perspective of a gallery owner
J. Jason Horejs
Owner, Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
16 Years Gallery Experience
Multi-million dollars in art sales
Teacher, Scottsdale Artists' School (Click Here For Details)

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Telephone: 480.368.9929 or toll-free 866.483.1306

only $195
e-mail jason@xanadugallery.com to preregister or with any questions
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Little Rock, Arkansas
Saturday, August 15, 2009
10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn Airport East | 3201 Bankhead Dr | Little Rock, Arkansas 72206
Registration limited to 20 | Total Registered: 4 | Spaces Remaining 16

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Notes from past Attendees

Hi Jason

Went to Jackson Hole with my new portfolio (based on your class) and approached 3 galleries the way we practiced.  The first one the owner was out and they were friendly, took my portfolio.  The second one, the owner was very interested even wanted to see my samples and said she reevaluates her inventory every November and takes on new art at that time and was very interested.  I went into a third gallery and she took my work on the spot including the sample raku hawk I had with me.  So Yeah!  Thanks for the great seminar.

Tammy Bality - Longmont, CO

Hi Jason,

My apologies for not writing sooner! I've meant to send you my thanks for your very enjoyable and helpful seminar in Houston. It truly exceeded our expectations and was just what we needed for several reasons, especially the opportunity to ask the candid questions we've always wanted to ask an insider in the gallery world. Your suggestions were specific and immediately helpful to the process of building our art business.

Because of the seminar, we've implemented the following changes:

William had been putting dates on his painting, but he's decided to not include them any longer for the reasons you suggested.

We are looking at presentation differently and making sure everything we do reflects the quality we want to convey. For example, we're now having each finished painting scanned at ThomasReprographics to get the best digital image.

Pricing had been a confusing and difficult process for us. After the seminar, we sat down and did some math on what his paintings over the previous year had sold for to get a per-square-inch average, which turned out to be $7.50 per square inch. We then calculated the work we have available with this formula and put together a price list. We immediately felt more confident. Right after we did this, we got a call from Russell Tether at David Dike Gallery II in Dallas, who has had shows for us and is now moving on to become a private art dealer. He had someone interested in one of our paintings and he asked us for the price. We were quickly and confidently able to give him a price based on the calculations we had just done. We even told him about how we came up with the pricing, which impressed him, because it represented past sales. He sold the work for our price (yeah!) and today we are driving up to Dallas to meet the buyers who are hanging the work tonight at their house. And coming home with our 60 percent, which is around $7000!

We also decided to go ahead with the giclee print we talked to you about. We have a gallery with a strong online presence interested in promoting it (texasartdepot.com) and they are having a reception to introduce the print in October. The edtion will be 80 and the prints will sell for $300.

We still have lots more to do, especially finishing William's portfolio to take with us to galleries outside Texas, and putting past work into the Art Tracker software. Once we finish getting our organization in place, we will be working on researching and finding galleries that would be approachable for work like William's.

Again, our sincere thanks for both the seminar and for your offer to answer any future questions we might have.

Our best regards,

Kathryn & William Young
Palestine, TX


This was the most informative seminar I may have ever attended! Very direct, practical, specific information. Took the mystery out of pricing, inventory and what to say.

Traci Parks
Columbus, OH


This was great. It made me feel better about my future as a working artist.

Gail Van Wagoner


Dear Jason,

I had my first showing at the Lawrence Gallery Sunday with great success. Two paintings pre-sold before the show reception, the large painting at $16,000.00 and a smaller one at $3,500. 00. . .

J. Brodrick
Corvallis, OR

I just came back from doing a one day invitational art show in Baja Mexico. It was a great success with 4 large pieces sold. The best part is 2 of the pieces were purchased by a gallery buyer from Lake Tahoe (Truckee) for a gallery there . . . She also picked out several more large pieces, which she said she will purchase when she returns to Lake Tahoe, and wanted to see more of my work . . . Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. Never would have made these moves, or understood them without your seminar.

Dan McGeorge -
San Diego, CA


I would highly recommend the seminar. It was very well planned and executed. The pre-seminar 'assignment' was very beneficial. It gives us each a chance to talk about where we are at, show samples of our work, and share our goals. I know the packet I sent was reviewed and Jason had a feel for where I was at before meeting him in person. He had a feel for my painting style and had visited my website. I brought my portfolio along and had one on one time to hear his thoughts on my website and portfolio.

At the seminar I was very impressed by the organization of their presentation. It was much appreciated to have a ring bound booklet that covered (page by page) all the pertinent information so you weren't scrambling to write everything down and could just really listen. There also was a space on the page for notes or questions. A great handbook to refer to once you are back in the studio.

I can't say enough about how helpful and genuine . . .Jason was in sharing his experience in the art market. You felt very comfortable asking any question and that it goes beyond the seminar day as Jason invited us to email with any further questions that came up which we forgot to address that day. I have stopped by the gallery and ran some pricing questions past Jason and he was very helpful.

The seminar really gets you to look at all aspects of professional artist's marketing needs and how to prioritize getting it all accomplished. I wish you well on your artistic journey. This seminar gave me a burst of energy to accomplish my goals.

A fellow working artist with high hopes for the future!

KiKi Sweeney
Scottsdale, AZ


Hello Jason,

I am happy to tell you that I have picked up two new galleries since the seminar. One, in Tampa, FL, is offering me a three month solo show next March. The other, in West Linn, OR (a high dollar suburb near Portland), is a brand new gallery under construction, that will open in October. I just dropped off ten paintings there Monday.

So far so good! My goal is to have four-5 galleries by the end of next year representing me, and selling enough that I will have no choice but to quit my day job.

If you decide to open a Seattle gallery, let me know!

Thanks again for your advice and insight. It was very helpful.

Mark Larson
Seattle, WA

Very Well Done--thank you Jaosn. I'm sure I'll refer to my notebook and notes often

Edie Martin
Eagle, ID



This was great. It made me feel better about my future as a working artist.

Gail Van Wagoner



It was great! Thank you very much

Terrece Beesley
Layton, UT



I would have liked making a day of this. No one else is giving this helpful information to artists.

Anne Peyton
Phoenix, AZ



Loved it! It was great!

Gina Kuettner


This was a fabulous workshop!

Don Haggerty
Seattle, WA



Everything was fantastic!

Shalece Fiack
Seattle, WA



I enjoyed your broad view of the business. I needed to hear that it is - in fact - a "business." I appreciate your openness to insider tips and your genuine honest.

Loran Conley
Little Hockig, OH



This was the most informative seminar I may have ever attended! Very direct, practical, specific information. Took the mystery out of pricing, inventory and what to say.

Traci Parks
Columbus, OH



Everything was Excellent. Thank you Jason!!!

Aida Garrity
Dublin, OH



The real world stories of parents and your experiences in life are very beneficial to making this very real!

David Turner
Nashville, TN



I did not want to like it, but my wife decided we would try. . .glad she did.

William Kolok
Nashville, TN workshop



All good - great presentation - very educational - explained well! Love the small size and one-on-one questions and answers.

Myra Dwyer
Nashville, TN workshop


Great Job. Thanks for being honest.

William Andrus
Nashville, TN workshop


Thank you Jason. This was not only helpful but inspiring to make me want to actually go out and do it.

Troy Ziel
San Francisco, CA



This was very useful information. I would urge spouses to attend because spouses need to be on the same page. You helped Rick and me settle some differences of opinion on what to do next.

Ann Waltonsmith
Saratoga, CA



Great workshop. Liked every bit of it.

Joe Boissy
Oakland, CA workshop



I thought it was a very thorough presentation and I was very pleased to be present.

Terry Guyer
Oakland, CA workshop



Great presentation - thank you for sharing a gallery owner's insight and perspective on what an artist should know to be represented by a gallery, have a great working relationship with galleries and increase their art sales.

Linda Wiggenknaft
St. Louis workshop



This should be a required course in art college before graduation.

Tom Steward
Salt Lake City, UT


Good seminar all the way around

Doug Gillis



This seminar was wonderful. It was full of practical information. It feels like a launching pad.

Barbara Zander



Jason, Thank you. You make the class fun as well as giving lots of information.

Jane Harshbarger



Great seminar. I feel so fortunate to have participated.

Linda Laitner



Thank you very much! I learned a lot! Appreciate your expertise!

Jasmine Tritten



The seminar was clear and comprehensive. Some good things to know and some good things to remember!

Annell Livingston



This was definitely one of the most informative seminars I've ever done.

Ariela Boronat



This seminar has reinforced much of what I have learned throughout the years. It was a great experience

Robert Huckestein



It was all interesting. The reality of how to approach the gallery was most important to me.

Cheryl Ceol



I also do professional marketing, so I am very "picky." Excellent content, well presented. Not too much info as to be overwhelmed, which I have experienced before.

Jane Freund


Workshop was great! Good to hear opinions from gallery owner!

Judy Korczynski


I think the workshop was very informative. I really appreciate how helpful you have been in both marketing work and supporting us as artists. It was a wonderful workshop. I am enthusiastic and ready to move forward! Thanks much!

Bette Bartlee
Prescott, AZ



I will be able to use almost all the information I was given today.

Rochelle Peterson
Prescott, AZ


Great sense of perspective on the world of art galleries and the artist relationship.

Maryhelen Ewing
Prescott, AZ


Seminar was everything I hoped for. Gave me definate steps and direction. Now I have a roadmap

Susan Congdon
Prescott, AZ


It was a great and informative seminar. I'm excited to move on to the next steps in my career.

Colleen Dixon
Chandler, AZ


You put a face on gallery owners and made the process less intimidating. Workshop was well develped and presented. You stuck to the curriculum and did not deviate too much. Thanks.

Jon Dixon
Chandler, AZ

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"Practical information, good strategies. Nice job, thanks!"
Dr. Maurice Sevigny, Tucson Arizona
Dean, University of Arizona College of Fine Art
"As a result of this seminar, I have a clearer picture of how to research gallery opportunities, and will continue to work on my portfolio."
Blair Friederich, Tucson, Arizona
"It was very helpful to hear the needs from a gallery owner point of view."
Nancy Williams, Amado, Arizona
"I have a clearer picture of the next step I will take to further my art career--direct approach to galleries."
Stephen Hall, Tucson, Arizona
"I just wanted to thank you for such a great seminar . . . I learned a ton and it was totally worth the time/money spent on it. "
Julie Hutchins, Mesa, Arizona
"I am excited, energized & guided by your workshop to take the next step!"
Helen Rowles, Scottsdale, Arizona
"Your wonderful seminar inspired me to create my first series of paintings, to put together a book, And to begin submitting my work to galleries. And guess what? Yesterday I delivered four paintings to my first gallery!"
Denise Landis,
Scottsdale, Arizona

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