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Learn how to get into galleries and sell more art in this free, personalized course from Xanadu Gallery owner Jason Horejs


An invitation from Xanadu Gallery Owner Jason Horejs


Over the last several years, I've been working with artists to help them increase their exposure and better understand how to market their work.


I've written several best-selling books, "Starving" to Successful and How to Sell Art, and I publish reddotblog.com, where I share insights regarding the art business and marketing. I've given workshops to thousands of artists across the country. In 2013, I began Xanadu's Mentorship program, a program that has allowed me to work one-on-one with Oregon artist Carolee Clark to build her career while other artists follow along.


Throughout all of these efforts, I have often received requests for more personal guidance from artists. While I try to respond to as many requests as I can, the demands that come with running a gallery and a busy schedule, prevent me from offering the in-depth help I would like. I've realized that in order to reach out and assist a wider range of artists, I need a framework that allows for guided, personal interaction.


I am, therefore, pleased to announce the launch of Xanadu Gallery's "Starving" to Successful E-Course. In the E-Course, I will guide you through a series of lessons (via email) that will help you optimize your art business. These brief lessons should take no more than 10 minutes every couple of days, and at the end of the course you will have built a stronger, more profitable art business.


During the course, you and I will work together to

  • Set goals and create a plan to increase your exposure by building relationships with galleries.
  • Assure that the quality of your work and presentation meets the standards of galleries and collectors
  • Present a cohesive and consistent body of work
  • Create a brand for you and your work
  • Refine and optimize your biography and artist's statement
  • Organize your inventory
  • Price your work correctly
  • Find the right markets for your work
  • Approach galleries effectively
  • Build strong, profitable relationships with galleries.


And much more.


I invite you to read below to learn more about the E-Course, and then register today.



J. Jason Horejs

Owner | Xanadu Gallery

Scottsdale, AZ


The E-Course is Free

We've created the course to provide a simple, structured way for artists to learn how to get into galleries and sell more art. We are pleased to offer this course as a free resource to the artist community.


The E-Course is currently in Beta version. What does this mean? As a new program, we are still polishing up the course and doing some testing to make it as effective as possible. Early registrants to the course may see a few rough edges as we work to finalize the program.



How Will the E-Course Work?

After signing up for the E-Course, you will receive a welcome email with instructions for participation. Over the course of the next several months, We will send you follow-up emails, each with a lesson and many with brief assignments, and requests for input. We understand how busy your schedule is, so we have developed the courses in a way that will make your involvement simple. No lesson should take more than 10-15 minutes, and because they are coming via email, you can do the lessons at your own pace. We encourage you to commit to respond to the emails within 3-4 days so that you keep on track with the course. If there are times that your schedule prevents you from doing so, you can always catch up at your convenience.


Lessons will consist of a brief reading or video presentation, followed by a brief assignment where you will email me a response or send me images of your work. To take the course, you don't need to have any technical ability beyond the ability to reply to an email.


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