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Guilloume Opening | Thursday, March 22, 2012, 7-9 p.m.

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Family and friends—their value and importance to this impassioned artist—permeate the work of this New Mexico painter and sculptor. Guilloume’sbody of work is the result of a man following his passion for morethan 30 years. His drive for creating perfectly understated yet timeless oilpaintings and bronze sculptures and reliefs is fueled by his love for variousmembers of his very large family of origin as well as his adoration of hischildren and his wife, Gladys, the love of his life.

Originally from the Latin American country of Colombia, Guilloume movedto the United States in 1985 with his wife Gladys. His art gained almost immediaterecognition and enthusiasm, beginning with major exhibits in LosAngeles in 1989-1990. He and Gladys and their four young children founda new home in New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment,” in the mid-90’s.

In 2002, he was an invited artist at the esteemed Biennale InternazionaleDell’Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy. His increased success led tomore personal appearances at galleries, museums and art shows in Arizona,Arkansas, California, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, SouthCarolina, Florida, and Washington. During his travels around the country,collectors urged Guilloume to write background narratives for several ofhis art pieces. The narratives are as much a work of art as the paintingsand bronzes they describe. He has since published four beautiful, awardwinningbooks featuring his unique art and poetic words.

Two themes stand out in Guilloume’s artwork—partnership and family.His message is simple: As human beings, we have more in common thanwe have differences. He illustrates this message in the universal languageof art by creating a beauty that speaks to people from all corners of theearth, from all walks of life, from all political spectra, and from all agegroups in his unique and passionate style.



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