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Xanadu Gallery is pleased to present

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists

A New Book Art Marketing Expert Barney Davey

Guerrillas never fight wars. Instead, they focus on winning one small tactical victory after another. Your career will flourish as you become stronger, more capable, agile and powerful as you string victories together.

Your ultimate success is when the enthusiasm and support of your growing base of fans and friends elevates your art career to a point where it will thrive in any economy.

Five Reasons to Buy This Book:


  1. You know you could sell more art if enough people would only see it.
  2. You’ve seen the future and you understand the time to take control of your career is now.
  3. You realize the only way to achieve the success you desire is if you make your own luck.
  4. You believe you could manage your own success if you could just get a handle on how to market your art affordable, efficiently and effectively.
  5. You are tired of wasting your time chasing pipe dreams and your marketing money on smoke screens.

In Guerrilla Marketing for Artists you will


  1. Learn how to set realistic goals.
  2. Accurately assess your marketing skills and resources. 
  3. Discover which marketing tools are best for your art business.
  4. Build a loyal collector base using local marketing and networking techniques.
  5. Harness your marketing efforts to make every dollar and every action count.


And much more.

Guerrilla Marketing For Artists

© Barney Davey
Paperback | 183 pages

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