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Finally, a simple, comprehensive application to help you keep track of your artwork.

Record vital information for every piece you create for easy access.

Track your Galleries

Keep track of your inventory in each of your galleries. Print current inventory.

Track your Clients

Keep track of your client's collections, print labels for mailings, and make sales to clients.

Create Professional Consignments, Invoices and Reports

Provide your galleries and clients with professional reports that give them all the information they need about your work.

Art Tracker is the flexible, simple, powerful, art management software.
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I found Xanadu Gallery a little over a year ago on a web search . . . I then bought your book (read it from cover to cover), the Art Tracker (very helpful) and recently watched your Webinar on shipping Art.

Since I read your book, many wonderful and exciting things have happened. I tripled my art production, work a five day schedule in my studio, produced a cohesive new body of work that I am very excited about, put together a professional portfolio, a website and an email Art Update, which I send out regularly. I am exhibiting at Viridian Artists Gallery in New York and have been in many shows this year both there and at other galleries and art centers in Chicago and around the country and I already have four group exhibitions and a solo exhibition scheduled for the new year. I am a very organized and productive person, but all the wonderful information I received from the book and the seminars really motivated me and help set all this into motion.

Best regards,
Carol Brookes

Is ArtTracker easy to install and use?
Yes. Art tracker was created with the artist in mind - we understand that you need a program that is easy to use or you won't use it at all. ArtTracker installs in just minutes. We designed ArtTracker to be intuitive so that you won't need any instructions to get started.
Will ArtTracker store images of my work?

ArtTracker attaches images of your work to the records in the system. In order to save space in the program, the images are linked, rather than stored, allowing the software to run quickly, and permitting easy, fast backups. You should store all of your images in one folder on your computer and back them up frequently.

We also understand that many artists, especially those who work in three dimensions, may need more than one image attached to the record. ArtTracker allows you to store unlimited images attached to each artwork.


Can I print mailing labels?

Yes. You can sort your mailing list and print labels for only those clients you desire.
Can I sort/search for particular pieces?
ArtTracker allows you to sort your art by a variety of criteria. Sorting is easy, allowing you to quickly access the art you desire.
Does ArtTracker keep track of where each piece has been?
It does. Each time a piece moves to a new location the system records the movement. You can now keep track of where your work has been automatically.
Can I see a gallery's current inventory?
You can. On the gallery page you will see a printable list of the gallery's entire inventory of your work. In a glance you can see exactly what a gallery (or show, or your studio) has, including an image of each piece.
Can I keep track of a client's past purchases?
On the client page you will see a list of all of the client's past purchases, again, including images. This feature, allowing you to have a visual reference for each piece was one of ArtTracker's most requested features.
Can I back up my data?
You can easily save a copy of your entire database by clicking one button on the home screen. Simply save the copy to a thumb drive or burn to disk to ensure your data is always available in the event of a computer catastrophe.
Can I add my own media and subject matter to the database?
Yes, you can customize both media and subject matter- remove media and subjects you don't use and populate the drop-down lists with only choices that are relevant to your work.
Will ArtTracker allow me to make sales to my clients?
Yes! ArtTracker features a robust sale page that allows you to calculate shipping, sales tax (if needed) and grand total, and will also record your client's payment. You can print professional receipts to give to your clients and keep for your records.
Will ArtTracker integrate with Quickbooks™ for accounting?
No. ArtTracker can export sales data, but it was not designed for direct integration with accounting software. ArtTracker's sole purpose in existing is to help you keep track of your artwork.
Will ArtTracker record my expenses and materials?
No. There are programs available that will, but in our research we found that those functions are rarely used by artists consistently and needlessly complicate the software. Again, our goal was to make a program that was extremely simple and easy to use.
Is there a trial version of the software available?
In essence, every copy of the software is a trial version. Rather than create a complicated and costly registration system, ArtTracker simply comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the software, we will refund the full purchase price of the software, no questions asked.
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