Jean M. Judd

Sound Waves #1 by Jean M. Judd


Sound Waves #1

by Jean M. Judd

18" x 43"





This piece is the first art quilt using my banded, hand dyed fabric. The process of making the banded fabric is very freeing as there isn’t much control of how the dye flows once it hits the fabric. Each consecutive piece will be different. I have hand stitched this piece to reflect the “wave” aspect of the textile piece, and to let the dye design be the focal point. When viewed horizontally, the piece looks like sound waves from an oscilloscope. It also replicates a printout from a seismograph in this orientation. Each client has their own vision of how to display artwork. That is why I am developing work that can be hung easily in more than one orientation. Purchased artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


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