Jean M. Judd

Serenity Tree by Jean M. Judd


Serenity Tree

by Jean M. Judd

31" x 31"





Serenity Tree is the place where we all can go for solace and peace during the troubled times of our life. The tree top is heavily hand quilted with echo design. Framing the tree is a white border representing the “fence” that keeps the atmosphere around the tree peaceful. Interlocking leaves are hand stitched in the white border. The next two borders are asymmetrical and represent the influences in our lives. The red is for the anger we experience sometimes in our life; the black for the dark periods. Two opposing corners have pinwheels that represent the out of control feelings we sometimes have, and the other two corners are the rigid “black and white” views that we encounter. When viewing Serenity Tree, focus on leaving the bad influences outside of yourself. Go into the peaceful, quiet, serene garden; sit under your serenity tree and rejuvenate your soul. **Currently on loan to US Embassy in Lima, Peru 2018-2021**


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