Jean M. Judd

Rusted Lace #1 by Jean M. Judd


Rusted Lace #1

by Jean M. Judd

20" x 20"





This series of textile artworks continues the exploration of rust pigmentation. Using the paper cutting technique for snowflakes from my youth, I devised a way to transfer the paper design onto my hand dyed fabric using iron filings. The tactile quality of the medium is maintained with this process. Further design elements are created by the intricate and dense hand stitching. The 3-D dimensionality is markedly evident when seen in person; even more so when displayed on a neutral wall. The nuances of the many colors in the base fabric can only be appreciated up close, which tends to lead to the involuntary desire to feel the texture of the artwork. Purchased artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


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