Lidia Kenig Scher

Conquering Dragons by Lidia Kenig Scher


Conquering Dragons

by Lidia Kenig Scher

40" x 30"

Mixed Media on Canvas




This piece reminds us of the legend of the mythical dragon. A mightily beautiful and powerful winged lizard with fire breath who lived for hundreds of years, The dragon was a creature of destruction who satisfied his hunger by eating stray animals and people and destroying the countryside. Braving fire and horror, a brave peasant would take it upon himself to slay the dragon and save the world. Upon being mortally wounded by the brave lad, the dragon's carcass would become engulfed in it's own inner flames and in its place, the dragon's flesh and bones would turn into treasures of gold and jewels. The peasant triumphantly returned from the battle a wealthy hero and would be knighted. The dragon is a symbol for our cravings & attachments to thoughts, jobs, things & situations we accept as unchangeable and defining in our lives. When we understand that all is inherently temporary & illusory, we conquer the dragon within. Using the power of our own resolve to see things as they are, we then receive the riches of spiritual growth: peace, love and happiness. We know that loving and desiring something is good. Craving and attaching is not. When we get what we want, something new we will want. It is all temporary...It is all moving & changing.That is conquering a Dragon...Now we get the real jewels, the best glitter!


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