Caren Kinne

Queen Bee by Caren Kinne


Queen Bee

by Caren Kinne

6" x 6"

Colored Pencil




Caren Kinne's artworks are composed of exuberantly whimsical abstractions, where color and organic forms prevail. Using everyday observances and experiences as an influence, layers of paint construct layers of meaning. By considering personal moments and interactions of the universal human experience, the spectator is drawn into a fictitious and heartwarming universe that emerges bit by bit. Works appear as dreamlike images in which past and present merge; nostalgia, sentiment and romanticism often play a role as a means of adding poetic value to everyday life. Caren enjoys the exchange between the artwork and the viewer, and encourages the viewer to make his or her own connections to the work. As such: works do not reference an identifiable form thereby allowing the imagery to facilitate fluidity in meaning and multifaceted interpretations based on the life experiences of the viewer. Aesthetically, Caren is influenced by a broad range of styles: the line work of the Ancient Mayans, the bright colors and compositions of Pop Art, the fantasy of Surrealism and our Postmodern visual culture.This color pencil drawing is framed. The small size lends itself to create an intimate encounter between image and viewer.


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