Lucy Dickens

Autumn Magic by Lucy Dickens


Autumn Magic

by Lucy Dickens

18" x 24"





Leaving North Hatley Canada, we dropped into Vermont stopping in beautiful Stowe for lunch. We then headed down the scenic drive towards Manchester through some of the most picturesque and colorful countrysides we had ever seen. We caught back up to the prime leaves turning, it was hard to believe they really were so fiery vibrant with a carpet of green grasses and leaves everywhere. Along the way we had to stop at the Ben and Jerry’s factory for some delicious Butter Pecan and Pumpkin Cheescake ice cream! Later we arrived in Manchester and the Wilberton Inn. The grounds were stunning, set on a hill surrounded by trees in full color. The next morning we awoke and explored the grounds, then sitting together among a bed of leaves we watched the sun rays dance, the leaves slowly fall, and the morning mist recede. Ahh so relaxing, what a touch of Heaven this morning was for us. Custom Framed Original


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