Jennifer Love

Stargazer by Jennifer Love



by Jennifer Love

14" x 14"





Acrylic. Framed size: 21.5" x 21" This painting celebrating color and movement is a blend of two of my favorite colors. I experimented with curved lines and uneven patterns. My woven paintings also represent the variety of elements and experiences that have interlaced themselves into my life to influence the person that I am today. I prepared two half sheets of watercolor paper and mounted them to the same work surface to create two paintings at the same time. I then masked out random areas to allow for some texture and added elements of interest in the final piece. Using a pouring technique allowed the colors to mingle on the page in unpredictable ways. This painting also utilizes acrylic paint, allowing for extra texture. Finally, in a wonderfully liberating act of courage for me as an artist, I cut the two paintings into strips and weave them together to create the final image. I want my paintings be rich and vibrant. I may use a recognizable symbol or subject matter in a painting, but I try to make each painting lively by using repetition, mingling colors, blotting, pouring, taping, splattering, stamping, scratching, or even cutting up the painting and weaving it together. It is exhilarating for me when my collectors notice and appreciate this intentional movement in my work. It is then that I feel the painting is a success.


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