Alyssa Hinton

Indigena-Fifth Sun (Awakening Series) by Alyssa Hinton


Indigena-Fifth Sun (Awakening Series)

by Alyssa Hinton

20" x 20"

Archival Pigment Print on Rag Paper




This is the first of three Solar/Corn God pieces called “Indigena: Fifth Sun.” During the December solstice, the sun is said to be reborn through the dark-rift of the Milky Way, marking the rebirth of the Solar/Corn God. Corn agriculture was the key to feeding the heavily populated urban centers within the “southeastern ceremonial complex”, and corn was seen as the very source of life. The ancient history of the Southeastern woodlands is the story of these agricultural settlements of various indigenous groups, some who migrated from as far south as Mexico. I borrowed the “Fifth Sun” title from The Mayan Fifth Sun concept. The Maya called an era a “sun”. In the Popul Vuh, the book of Mayan creation mythology, we are entering the “fifth sun” and the creation of a new age for humans. Original medium: mixed media composite (digital hybrid combining hand rendered art & photographic imagery).


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