Lucy Dickens

Autumn in North Hatley by Lucy Dickens


Autumn in North Hatley

by Lucy Dickens

24" x 36"





Early one morning we left our Inn and ventured into the town of North Hatley starting our day exploring the surrounding area. North Hatley is one of Québec’s most picturesque villages, founded in 1897 and located at the northern tip of Lake Massawippi. The air was brisk as we walked along the lake taking in all of the sights and smells before us, listening to the water lap the shore and the birdsong. The brightly colored homes and boat houses were so festive mirroring the beautiful colors of the leaves near the height of their Autumn display. How different and exciting, a sensory overload for one from the deserts of Arizona, what a gift this trip has been. After enjoying the scene before us, shivering a bit, we went into our first Chocolaterie’. Both of us ordered hot chocolate, wow I have never experienced dark chocolate so decadent! A sign hangs before us “There is no rule against eating chocolate in the morning…enjoying it in the afternoon…or even asking for it in the evening for sweet dreams.” I could not agree more!


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