Lucy Dickens

The Gift of Family by Lucy Dickens


The Gift of Family

by Lucy Dickens

18" x 24"





Exploring the area around North Hatley, Canada my husband and I stumbled upon this stunning scene. My heart skipped a beat as I took in the beautiful trees and the pond below, the vibrant colors and cool breeze surrounded us. The boat and chairs seemed to beckon us forward, an invitation. His and hers and their beautiful child, a special story unfolds capturing the “Gift of Family” for me. How special the people are around us, standing close through the journeys of life. Way too often we forget, lose track of this gift and take those we love for granted. Life can become so complicated and busy sometimes caught up in our own thoughts and needs, the pressures we face every day. What a beautiful reminder to keep the most important things, my family first above all else but my faith, to take time to rest and play and share our hopes and dreams, to climb in the boat of life and share the adventure together. I hope this paintings inspires and uplifts, causes us to remember to treasure those closest to us. We have only today…and today is a NEW day!


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