Jennifer Love

Kokopelli Song Woven Through My Dreams by Jennifer Love


Kokopelli Song Woven Through My Dreams

by Jennifer Love

14" x 18"





Watercolor and Acrylic. Framed size: 21.5" x 23" This woven painting celebrating color and movement has special significance for me. It was the first painting I created with the intention to incorporate a variety of techniques I had long desired to use in my work: pouring, stamping, and weaving. My woven paintings also represent the variety of elements and experiences that have interlaced themselves into my life to influence the person that I am today. I prepared two half sheets of watercolor paper and mounted them to the same work surface. To add a natural element to my painting, I picked up handfuls of clean snow and splattered them onto the paper before pouring the paint. I then poured the paint on the two halves at the same time so the color would mingle, then left the painting outside in the winter air for a while before bringing it inside to dry. As the paint and water dried, wonderful little crystalline shapes appeared from the snow splatters. Each crystal shape unique, these little details are my favorite parts of the painting! Using a hand-carved linoleum stamp, I applied a Kokopelli image to the two halves of paper, trying to get the stamp placement in approximately the same locations on each. Finally, in a wonderfully liberating act of courage for me as an artist, I cut the two halves of paper into strips, weaving them together to create the final image. Like a dream, the edges of the painting are clear and colorful, while the middle mingles and blurs together. You can almost make out the stamped Kokopelli image, but never quite piece a whole one together. The title of the painting came to me then, as if the Kokopelli flute song was calling to me somewhere between awake and asleep, beckoning me back to my pillow and dancing in my dreams. My husband and I have a great love for Moab, UT. It is our “happy place,” and Kokopelli is prevalent in the local décor. Besides representing my love for the red rock desert beauty of Moab, the Kokopelli image resonates with me on many levels, representing fun and music and dance – all things that remind me of the fun parts my childhood, of my young adult years, and of my core nature. Growing up, our home was always filled with music. A constant background score to our family life was the music that my parents grew up with (the Beatles, the Eagles, the Everly Brothers, the Beach Boys, the Four Seasons), and the music that I grew up with (Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, Bon Jovi). Music was woven into my every day, and the flute-playing Kokopelli image often makes its way into my paintings, bringing together the nostalgia of my past with the love of my present.


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