Jean M. Judd

Stepping Stones by Jean M. Judd


Stepping Stones

by Jean M. Judd

27" x 22"

Mixed Media Fiber Art




This textile artwork was originally conceived in 2008. I was stymied part way through the design process so I set it aside on my cutting table until January 2, 2014. Tired of moving the individual components on and off the table, I decided it was do or die now. This artwork was either coming together into a design or being thrown away. Seven weeks later, after working 45+ hours a week on the project, the end result turned out spectacularly. The stones are constructed by hand using tiny almost invisible stitches and a combination of my hand dyed fabrics as well as some commercial fabrics. It is densely hand stitched to bring out the physical and visual texture. Looking at images of the back of the artwork, the full scope of the hand stitching is very evident here. As with most of my artwork now, it is designed to be easily displayed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Purchased artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


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