John Russell

Sands through the Glass by John Russell


Sands through the Glass

by John Russell

18" x 24"





This abstract painting is produced in the style of Abstract Expressionism, an art movement in American painting that included such notable artists as Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell. It is painted with archival quality acrylic paint on archival quality canvas, meaning that your painting should last, with reasonable care, perhaps hundreds of years or even longer. The painting measures 18"x24" and is sold unframed. The images in the painting remind me of the sands of Time running through an hour glass, which serves as a reminder for us to enjoy to the fullest every moment of our lives. I produced this painting when I was living in my home state of Texas, before I moved to New York. I used to cart my canvases and paints outside and paint in the open air and sunshine, sometimes enjoying music from my portable stereo as I worked.


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