Lucy Dickens

West Fork Reflections by Lucy Dickens


West Fork Reflections

by Lucy Dickens

30" x 24"





I have decided to begin a Northern Arizona series, I love spending time up in our woods whether it is hiking, off-roading, on a picnic, floating in a canoe, playing horse shoes, photographing, or just strolling through the trees. I feel this is my sanctuary, it is where I love to spend my time and being out in nature recharges me and refills my tank each time I visit… no matter the season. We all need a place to recharge and I invite you to share in what recharges me. Hopefully it will inspire you to step out into the woods or wherever your special place is and experience it for yourself. I have just completed my first painting titled West Fork Reflections. Recently, my Mom and I took a day trip north of Sedona around an area called West Fork to photograph fall leaves. Doesn’t this setting just invite you to boulder hop to the large flat rock, sit down and reflect on the beauty all around you? That is what it was like for me and we did plenty of boulder hopping, cameras in hand! I reflected on where I was and the fork or crossroads we all come to in life. Which path to take, the easy road or the narrow, how will my life change? As for me, I choose to take the road less traveled… Custom framed


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