Loreana Wrench

Tom's Favorite by Loreana Wrench


Tom's Favorite

by Loreana Wrench

20" x 24"

Oil on Panel




My sister had originally gave me a photo of this using actual film back in the day. My husband was about to go on a business trip he also liked the photo when I said I wanted to paint it. But what he saw and I saw in the photo was completely different because when he got back he was shocked at the painting. His first response was "it isnt even worth whiting over and redoing. just trash it." i quickly told him what he could do with himself(as married people will often do ^^) a few weeks later however I was getting ready for a show and trying to determine which paintings to use. He quickly suggested I put the yellow daylily, I went and got the larger daylily and he said "no not that one, my favorite daylily" oO "favorite?" "yes the little one


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