Gwen Power

Golden Glows by Gwen Power


Golden Glows

by Gwen Power

11" x 14"





This is a painting of the day lily, Double Crown. It is painted with the usual kinds of watercolors and, of course, the usual kinds of water. But the aquabord is different than the traditional kinds of paper used for watercolor paintings. It is designed for watercolor paintings, but pulls the water and watercolor deeper into it than paper. It allows me to make the colors stronger and even more vibrant than the same colors on paper. And the flow of water is different in a beautiful way. It can be sealed or framed without a glass cover. This one is attached to a two inch deep thick beautiful wood that serves as its frame. The painting surface is made of clay which invites the watercolor deeply within it. The creators of aquabord make their panels from sustainable forest products to ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water. When I look at my paintings on aquabord, I feel a deep three dimensional view that makes me feel like I am outside seeing the world around me on a lovely spring day. And the beautiful Double Crown day lily painting, “Golden Glows,“ uses brilliant yellows to bring to the viewer the Double Crown day lily and fill you with beauty, happiness and energy from the sun.


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