Lucy Dickens

Hello Sunshine by Lucy Dickens


Hello Sunshine

by Lucy Dickens

30" x 48"





The sun shines brightly on this warm and brilliant morning in the desert. Spring rains have been plentiful soaking the desert floor. The cold winter season has passed and now the spring blooms awaken and rise, their faces turned and reaching for the sun. There is warmth and life in her rays beckoning the petals forward. A kaleidoscope of color fills the desert floor, a gift to all who see, who take the time to revel in it’s magic, so fleeting are her days. Before long much of the color will be gone… Will you stop, take a moment and walk with me through desert, wash away your cares and obligations. Explore like a child free to see and experience with all of your senses. Hello flowers and cactus standing so tall, hello desert trails and craggy rock formations beckoning us forward, hello big and beautiful blue sky, hello sunshine…!


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