Lucy Dickens

Poppy Season! by Lucy Dickens


Poppy Season!

by Lucy Dickens

16" x 20"





Poppy season is such an exciting time for me, especially in the rare years when they explode in vibrant shades of golds and oranges across the canvas of our picturesque Sonoran Desert. Some of my favorite spring flowers are the California or Mexican Gold poppies. Depending on the weather conditions and amount of rainfall they can be sparse or blanket the desert floor. That was the case here exploring near Roosevelt Lake, such a beautiful contrast against the misty blue mountains. Flowers always lift my spirit, make me smile, do you agree? What a gift they are, however fleeting, such a reminder to slow down, experience, and enjoy the beauty around you along the way. It’s no wonder flowers have been given for so many reasons across time, to express love and friendship, to celebrate and lift the spirits, to bring comfort and show how much you care for another. Here is my “posie”, my bouquet, to you my friends, enjoy!


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