Lidia Kenig Scher

Emerging Consciousness by Lidia Kenig Scher


Emerging Consciousness

by Lidia Kenig Scher

30" x 40"

Mixed Media on Canvas




The subtly layered mixed media on canvas was created just before the harvest Super Full moon and a total eclipse on September 2015. This event will not be repeated in the next 18 years. Mystics tells us that eclipses bring up unresolved issues and karmic events in our life, so we can resolve them and release them and grow into a consciousness that is more aligned with our personal truths and with the greater good. This Emerging Consciousness beckons us to be more trusting and to think and act from the heart. It asks that we match our outer persona to our loving and caring inner selves. In doing so, we will begin to make the choice to no longer believe our conditioned-by-the-past mind and discover a world of infinite possibility. In this consciousness we are powerful beyond measure, and can easily make our dreams manifest, because we have discovered that kindness, compassion, forgiveness, helpfulness, tolerance, laughter, joy and love are our natural state of being and a hallmark of an enlightened Universe. Installing this art in any environment will suffuse the space with the ingredients to create a great home or business. Susan S. talks about the art she owns “I had no idea that this art that hangs in my living room would have such profound effect on my life. Since owning it, I was able to have the courage the leave a relationship that was stagnant and detrimental for both parties. The parting was peaceful, loving and agreeable. Additionally, I was able to secure a more satisfying position in another company where I am happy and love my work. What can I say? I am grateful and hope that you never stop creating this kind of powerful art!” Susan S. purchased "Walking About Spreading Joy" in 2013


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