Jean M. Judd

Shadow of the Past by Jean M. Judd


Shadow of the Past

by Jean M. Judd

43" x 26"

Mixed Media Fiber Art




Shadow of the Past has required a longer than usual completion window. This piece was begun in 2009 as my first experiment in using “old iron” that I scavenged from the woods around my studio. I used a shroud from a tractor’s radiator and a brake wheel to rust the background fabric. The pigmented fabric hung in my studio for the next several years. I couldn’t decide if it was ready for the hand stitching phase or if it needed something else. I couldn’t visualize it past this point so other work kept taking precedence over it. The dense textural hand stitching design finally floated up to my conscious level and I began working on it April to September of 2015. Purchased artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


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