Helen L. Rietz

Circa 1880 - Hay Barn Door by Helen L. Rietz


Circa 1880 - Hay Barn Door

by Helen L. Rietz

20" x 28"





This painting began with a tip. A collector of my work, who also happens to be a city/county historical officer, alerted me about a hay barn, built in 1880, with an old wood and metal door she thought would inspire me. But hurry, she told me. That part of the town was slated for development, and the old barn would soon be torn down.

I scouted the site and found that, indeed, the door was buried in a developing complex of industrial buildings. Without her help, I would never have discovered it. But for much of the day access was blocked by trucks. What’s more, because the barn was low and small and the surrounding buildings were taller, sunlight reached the door for just a few minutes every morning.

Several days in a row I got up before dawn and drove to the spot until, finally, I was there for four short minutes when morning sunlight raked across the surface of the door, putting it’s detail and character into fine relief. I’m so grateful I could capture it’s character before the door was gone.

One of several paintings of the old hay barn, this work shows the full door.

All of my works are professionally matted and framed, using the highest quality glass. Please note that the dimension above are for the image only; the framed work is larger. You can contact me for a description and photo of the painting fully framed.


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