Maria Xagorari

In Silence by Maria Xagorari


In Silence

by Maria Xagorari

55" x 79"





Part of The Dwelling ongoing series. The Dwelling is a series of allegorical images related to the ever growing need for a place of belonging, safety and peace, especially in times of turmoil and uneasiness. This series follows previous work of mine, which dealt with the idea of continuous self-healing and rebirth after trauma and is, as before, inspired by visual input from nature. While exploring this longing for a harmonious dwelling, several quasi-symbolic elements made their appearance. Ash appeared as medium for the first time in these paintings, almost accidentally, as a formal solution to pictorial needs. However, I can’t ignore the fact that it is also largely associated with purification and rebirth in most mythologies. The bed and pillow appeared as metaphors for intimacy and private refuge. The fallen leaves and water on forestal ground relate to a resting place, where life is regenerated. They first appeared in my work in 2015, as I moved from Greece to central Europe and started observing the ground in the forest. It strongly attracts and inspires me as an inviting dwelling for the soul and body. It is a realm where everything that takes place is in reassuring equilibrium with the natural laws. In art, literature and film making, such forestall environments have often carried connotations of threat. To me, however, perhaps because of their depth and balanced complexity, they appear as places of embrace and protection. Observing the process of life-recycling that takes place in them comes as a relief to existential anxiety. It makes one aware of the bigger picture, of the unstoppable flow of life, on a larger scale, regardless of petty human, disruptive behavior.


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