John Russell

The Lost Art of Calligraphy by John Russell


The Lost Art of Calligraphy

by John Russell

30" x 46"

Photograph on Canvas




This is a photograph in my Kinetic Series. I utilize Kinetic Photography by moving my camera around as I hold it in my hands and I also literally throw my camera up into the air—sometimes several feet high—and I also sometimes impart spinning and/or tumbling motions to the camera as I throw it upward. My images are not multiple exposures, layered, or Photoshopped! The result achieved in each of my Kinetic photographs is the product of one single long exposure shot that usually includes multiple light sources/objects; included here are images of my TV screen, a lamp, and various items on a coffee table. This photograph is printed on a premium grade archival Gallery Wrap canvas, and is unframed...a Gallery Wrap canvas carries the image all the way around the edges of the canvas onto the back so that framing is unnecessary and completely optional. Your photograph on canvas comes complete and ready to hang.


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