Linda Hendrickson

River Otter Log Roll by Linda Hendrickson


River Otter Log Roll

by Linda Hendrickson

20" x 20"

Mixed Media on Panel




This mixed media painting is the newest in a series called “Trail Treasures.” The goal of this series is to share the joy of seeing wild animals along the hiking trail. Painting animals I am passionate about gives me an opportunity to research, learning more about their habits. I had the delightful experience of watching an otter group at the Whitefish River’s edge in MT several of winters ago and again last fall at the National Zoo. At the Zoo, the handlers must vary the feeding times considerably, or the noisy demands for their scheduled food are heard all over the zoo. Otters are fascinating creatures. Their favorite food is cutthroat trout. In winter they can get under the ice and catch the deep swimming fish. Once found, they bring the food to the surface and besides feeding their own, they inadvertently provide food for other predators such as coyotes, wolves, owls, and cougars. When not hunting and feeding, they play, juggle, chase, cuddle and race. Sliding down to the water's edge on their bellies, from their rocky bungalows above the shoreline, they can cover quite a distance quickly with their short legs. Otters are equally agile in the water with their muscular tail and webbed feet. Even on snow and ice they do a “run, run slide, run, run slide” to cover distance effortlessly. This painting is unique because my sketchbook, a staple in my backpack, is copied and glued to the surface to create more texture and invite close observation. My colorful palate always brings me joy and elicits the word “happy” from my viewers even though I doubt I will ever actually meet a purple otter. The whimsy of “River Otter Log Roll,” highlights their playful natures.


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