Yvonne Gaudet

Sawshe by Yvonne Gaudet



by Yvonne Gaudet

24" x 24"

Mixed Media on Panel




DOER of GOoD - Wolf. "Peace Keeper". Acrylic & Collage. Painted edges coordinate with the piece; no framing needed. Wired and ready to hang. ARTIST'S NOTES: As a young wolf, Sawshe preferred solitude over mixing with the rest of the pack where there was endless squabbling. It seemed so senseless to engage in argumentative behavior when one could gaze at a beautiful full moon instead. The others envied Sawshe's calm and peaceful demeanor and so came to realize the benefits of getting along with one another. Though he is always ready to diffuse any disagreements, it is primarily by his calm example that Sawshe is now known as The Keeper of Peace.


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