Linda Hendrickson

Getting My Greens by Linda Hendrickson


Getting My Greens

by Linda Hendrickson

36" x 24"

Mixed Media on Canvas




My goal is to see one of these Snowshoe Hares in its winter coat. I discovered it is a favorite food of the cat families so it must disguise itself well. Nibbling on your favorite roses or fresh greens they can be seen all winter long--theoretically. Since I caught a rabbit family playing chase and hide and seek on my patio one early summer morning I have had a soft spot in my heart for watching them in the wild. To see one pulling the same quick maneuvers in snow would be quite a site. With big hairy feet, the snowshoe rabbit is fast where others can't be--unless you are a lynx. Have you seen the size of those paws? How many snowshoe hares can you find? How many snowflakes?


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