Cyd Rust

Life: You Are Not Alone by Cyd Rust


Life: You Are Not Alone

by Cyd Rust

36" x 36"





Life: You Are Not Alone.., The story behind this painting as version 1.0 is amazing. This is version 2.0 the finished piece. During a meditation a few years ago, I kept hearing 'You Are Not Alone". I felt great, knew it wasn't about me, but that it needed to be painted. I started the painting thinking there was someone out there that desperately needed to know they were constantly surrounded by love. But then the feeling went away, and the painting was left unfinished. As my Mother gracefully faced terminal cancer, I worked on this piece, with a new canvas and referred to it as version 2.0. It served as a healing process for me, and there is no doubt in my mind I had help. I was truly not alone. Never in my lifelong time of being an artist have I been able to make images literally glow the way the souls surrounding this woman do. I had help when I needed it. Each day I worked on this piece I knew...I was not alone! Knowing I was working on this for someone else who might also need the comfort of knowing they were surrounded by love,also gave me comfort. There is a healing magic in this painting. It is inspiring and poignant. And it is all about love.


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