Helen L. Rietz

Reading and Living by Helen L. Rietz


Reading and Living

by Helen L. Rietz

11" x 15"





E-books, audio books -- today we can "read" without even touching a book. But in years past, books were used, shared, hoarded, treasured. In all but the best homes and schoolrooms, books were rare. A bookshelf like this one was a Western treasure.

Seeing this painting, people linger. They study the old typefaces. Then tell me they can almost smell the paper, and the fine layer of dust on the shelf. Feel the worn bindings against their fingertips. Hear the crack of the spine as the book opens in their hands.

Do you remember a love for real books?

All of my works are professionally matted and framed, with non-glare conservation glass. Please note that the dimensions above are for the image only; the framed work is larger. You can contact me for a description and photo of the painting fully framed.


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