Lucy Dickens

Resting Place by Lucy Dickens


Resting Place

by Lucy Dickens

18" x 24"





I recently completed "Good Morning!" of this sweet bunny who hopped into my courtyard and stood up by my flower pots as I sat there, seemingly posing for me. He then dropped down and turned in front of these beautiful Golden Barrel cactus, the warm morning light setting his ears aglow. I thought, what a wonderful resting place with the sound of the fountain bubbling and birdsong nearby. I too was enjoying my resting time, and don't we all SO need this downtime to recharge and refill our tanks. Why is it so hard in our fast-paced lives to carve out the time, or is it only me? We were never created to live this driven, I remind myself. Breathe in, breath deep, be truly present in this very moment. May I, may we, remember always our need to slow and experience the joy of rest and rejuvenation outdoors.


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