Cyd Rust

Life: Nourish Your Soul by Cyd Rust


Life: Nourish Your Soul

by Cyd Rust

36" x 36"





Nourish Your Soul is the third in my Life Series,which is what I call my mash-ups of abstracts that had such a story in them, that I have taken them literal in places to show you what I see every day. In this initial abstract painting the very first thing I saw was a cat at the top middle of the painting, as I studied the painting I saw the woman with her hair hanging down...and again the painting just evolved. When I saw the second woman, I noticed there was a cat in front of her. I opted to leave it the same abstract as the woman's dress, with just a little brightening to let you see it easier. I love solving the riddles in these paintings. On this one though, I couldn't stop. It probably went the most literal of any. Right down to a carving of an Angel nourishing flowers on the abstract "stucco". Enjoy life. Be it playing with kitties, or stopping to smell the flowers, or spending a day with a friend. This Life lesson is literally: Nourish Your Soul.


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